Title: The Passage
Authors: Cronin, Justin
Keywords: Virus diseases
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2022
Publisher: Orion
Abstract: The night had fallen, and to her it was quieter and darker than other nights. She put the brushes and the pallet down on the table next to her and lay on the floor in her dimly lit room staring at the shadows of the objects on the walls. Then she got up suddenly as if she had remembered something. She got out of the room and went to the balcony. It was not that late, however, she could hear a deafening silence; it seemed the whole city and its people had fallen asleep. She felt she was the only person who was awake at that time. She looked around and then her eyes got fixed on that huge door. Then he came to her mind, she thought he was awake too; her eyes sparkled and she smiled. She had the habit of standing there at night and seeing him walking in the yard and smoking. She had been doing it for so many years, for four years exactly. She had thought so much about going there, she had considered and reconsidered the idea, she had been excited, over-excited and thrilled, yet she had not done that. She did not know why, maybe the time had not come. She had been obsessed with him for such a long time. She could not remember when it started. Maybe it had started on the very first day he had set foot in that place, or maybe a little later.
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ISBN: 9781409190981
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