Title: The Common Law
Authors: Chambers, Robert W.
Keywords: Fiction
English Fiction
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2022
Publisher: McLeod & Allen
Abstract: There was a long, brisk, decisive ring at the door. He continued working. After an interval the bell rang again, briefly, as though the light touch on the electric button had lost its assurance. "Somebody's confidence has departed," he thought to himself, busy with a lead-weighted string and a stick of soft charcoal wrapped in silver foil. For a few moments he continued working, not inclined to trouble himself to answer the door, but the hesitating timidity of a third appeal amused him, and he walked out into the hallway and opened the door. In the dim light a departing figure turned from the stairway: "Do you wish a model?" she asked in an unsteady voice. "No," he said, vexed.
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ISBN: 9780665712012
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