Title: The Problem of China
Authors: Russell, Bertrand
Keywords: China - History.
Politics and government.
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2022
Abstract: This study of the history of China, its social forces and tendencies and the character of its people, was originally published in 1922, following the author's return from a year as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Beijing. Although much has happened in the years that have intervened, the book still has great value and interest for all who are concerned to understand China and her future amongst the major nations of the world. It contains much interesting historical analysis which is very relevant today, and some extraordinarily far-sighted observations. For this reason a reprint has been felt desirable and it has been left unchanged. If in part it may reveal a record of dead hopes and dead fears, those parts which are not topical are still true; and, having regard to China's rapid growth in industrial and international power, those permanent elements of the book cannot be neglected either by the student of international affairs or by the general reader.
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